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Hello, my name is Donna D. Wolfe, Esq. and welcome to the new home of our law firm!

I have been a licensed attorney since 1998. I have worked for a few different law firms however, I grew tired of the old adage that law firms must bill extraordinary amounts of money in order to provide good service. Most law firms only believe in billing their clients and not in providing good representation.

I opened the Law Office of Donna Wolfe, P.A. to solve that problem. Times have changed and the old ways of practicing law do not work anymore. My goal at the Law Office of Donna Wolfe, P.A., is to provide excellent representation in the most cost effective manner. I take a proactive rather than a reactive position in litigation and always consider the most cost effective ways to represent my clients.

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This section includes my full biography detailing my education, my professional work experience, accreditation, memberships and personal profile. I believe in providing good representation at a sensible cost. You are unique when you work with us. No legal case is the same and should never be treated the same way. » Read Biography


This section offers detailed information on The Law Office of Donna Wolfe, P.A. We offer personal, dedicated and caring service.  Whether you need a skilled defense or a strong advocate for your claim, your case will be given the attention it deserves. » About Us


As experienced attorneys we provide legal service in many practice areas. This section will detail what those areas are the types of cases we handle within them. » Practice Areas


This is my standard legal service for those considering retaining an attorney for a legal matter. » Legal Disclaimer


This is where you can contact me in regards to any legal question you may have or to book a consultation. If you believe your circumstances require legal guidance, do not lose valuable time which could be used to develop and strengthen your case. » Contact Me


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